Bandsawing Machine

~~PLC controlled horizantal bandsaws with linear guideways are ideal for mitre cuts with different quantities . With movement of bow it’s possible to cut between 90° and +30°. You can do 10 different programming (lenght and quantity) and can be watched on digital panel. Measurement is done by repeating the stroke accouring to 500 length stroke Cutting capacity at 90° is 540mm x 670mm for flat type and 540 mm for round shaped materials. With auto height adjustment sensors bow approachs the material with fast speed and hydraulic cutting control allows the bow go up over the material after the cut. All this process is controlled mechanical switch. Fixing the bow at any angle is controlled by hydraulical brake system and you can control it by another digital counter placed on main body of machine. As in all Bekamak products in BMSO 540CGH, safety is most important priority and all mechanical and electrical devices are set for best safety mesaures.