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Vertical Slide for maximum cutting power and rigidity

Standard with Speed Inverter for speeds of 20-100 m/min.

Electric Servo Feeding for +/- 0.05 ~ 0.1mm Cutting Length precision (per stroke)

Capacity up to 80mm in Tube and Solid Bars

Superior Gear Box design for maximum machine life and performance

Flexible Gripper Feeding + Floating Carriage allow for maximum feeding precision even in material which is not perfectly straight

Cutting Examples


.D. 50mm solid bar, L = 100mm, cycle time is 20sec

–         O.D. 75mm solid bar, L = 50mm, cycle time is 31sec


Intuitive and User Friendly Interface with Touch Screen system

Ability to program multiple cutting lengths per bar

Safety Covers  for maximum operator protection and comfort


Head for ferrous material not with endless screw, but with cemented and ground helical gear for obtaining a high operating rate  without any play or vibration of the saw-blade. Head with inverter allowing a continuous change of the cutting speed

التفاصيل الفنية

معلمة وحدة وحدة
سعة القطع الدائري ملم 20-80
Clamp Max Opening mm 85
Feed Lenght mm 500
المحرك كيلو واط 5,5
المحرك الهايدروليكي كيلو واط 1,5
Feeder Servo Motor kW 1
محرك المضخة كيلو واط 0,25
محرك المضخة كيلو واط 0,2
سرعة القطع م/ثانية 20-100
ابعاد المنشار ملم 260 - 350  2.0t - 3.0t (max)
ارتفاع منطقة القطع ملم 900
وزن الماكنة كليوغرام 1425
الطول ملم 1600
العرض ملم 1700
الارتفاع ملم 2100