Bandsawing Machine

Product Description

~~The BMSO.460 CH NC is a fully automatic machine in a two - column design that deal with your mid -section area (round up to 460 mm , flat 610 x 460 mm) ideally suited for cutting solid material , as well as pipes, profiles and beams in steel cutting ! With this machine, only 90 ° cuts are possible! Precision carbide blade guides , and a robust, rigid construction of the machine ensure a precise cut. The basic configuration of this machine includes a full stroke clamping cylinders addition , an infinitely adjustable belt speed . The 41mm saw band runs a large drive and idler wheel which makes for a longest possible lifetime !

~ ~ Description of the machine :
• fully automatic NC band saw for sawing thick-walled profiles and solid materials
• robust constructed monoblock saw frame with hydraulic vertical motion and linear guide
• Feed length in a train 500 mm
• Cutting length and average number input via NC (programmable logic controller ) of " SIEMENS " for
  10 different programs
• continuously adjustable belt speed 20 - 100 m / min
• hydraulic-mechanical belt tension
• automatic machine shutdown at band breaks
• accurate position measurement of the slide on magnetic scale
• Sensitive cutting pressure regulation function of the material properties
• Express leading the saw frame with automatic saw feed in transition ( light sensor )
• automatic adjustment guide , synchronously with hydraulic clamping of the horizontal vise
• tape guide with hard metal pads sheets and rolls
• automatic belt break protection
• Chip brush driven by impeller

Technical Details

Round Cutting Capacity mm 460
Flat Cutting Capacity mm 550 x 460
Square Cutting Capacity mm 460
Main Drive Motor kW 4
Hydraulic Motor kW 1,1
Coolant Pump kW 0,12
Chip Conveyor Motor kW 0,25
Cutting Speeds m/min 20 - 100
Band Dimensions mm 5200x41x1,3
Working Height mm 805
Weight kg 3250
Length mm 3000
Width mm 2100
Height mm 2100