Circular Saw Machine

Bandsawing Machine

Product Description

Mass production in continuous operation is done by BMDO 75 XS when producing cut-off pieces of steel and non-ferrous metals with a material cross-section up to a diameter of 75 mm. BMDO 75 XS is designed to be used with TCT circular saw blade in order to cut solid bars in high speed and excellent precise. It is also suitable for HSS blades to cut tubes. With the Standard 800mm stroke servo feeding and 6 meters automatic loader. BMDO 75 XS is perfect for large-scale production of solid bars.

Technical Details

Round Cutting Capacity mm 10-75
Square Cutting Capacity mm 50
Feed Length mm 800
Main Drive Motor kW 7,5
Hydraulic Motor kW 2,2
Chip Conveyor Motoru kW 0,2
Feeder Servo Motor Kw 2
Chip Conveyor Motor kW 0.37
Peripheral Speed m/min. 40-280
Saw Dimensions mm Ø285 x T2.0 x 1.7t
Height mm 2450