Bandsaw Machine

Bandsawing Machine


Standard Features

Product Description

Our BMSO 320E model is a straight cutting machine that can cut automatically without a length stop thanks to its PLC controlled encoder. BMSO 320E, which can automatically cut different lengths with a single button, is a suitable model for your multi-piece cuts.

Technical Details

Round Cutting Capacity mm 320
Flat Cutting Capacity mm 320 X 300
Square Cutting Capacity mm 300
Main Drive Motor kW 2,2
Hydraulic Motor kW 0,37
Feed Motor kW 0,25
Coolant Pump kW 0,12
Coolant Pump kW 0,12
Cutting Speeds m/min. 20 - 100
Band Dimensions mm 3660X27X0,9
Working Height mm 640
Weight kg 770
Lenght mm 1900
Width mm 850
Height mm 1300