Bandsaw Machine

Bandsawing Machine

Product Description


The new BMSO 570XS is designed to maximize our customers' production of heavy metal, profile and pipe cuts in high-volume units with a fully automatic servo feeding and cutting system. Automatic controls and sensors maximazes performans/cost ratio and extends lifetime of blade up to 50% longer.


- Smart cut and user friendly touch screen with Omron CNC cutting program.

- Ability to save up to 50 different cutting lenght steps in 100 different programs.

-Cutting parameters are CNC controlled for an optimal processing of workpiece.

-Manual cutting parameters input.

-Servo feeding with 700mm stroke.

-Guide arm travels on linear guide way and moves in coordination with the moveable vise jaw.

-Hydrulic actuated carbide blade guides.

-Idle Wheel motion detector and automatic deflection sensor.

-Vibration free cutting with 3 linear way.

-Motorized swarf brush.

-Planatery Gearbox.


-Hydraulic top clamping.

-Microspray cooling system.

-Hexagonal vices for bundle tube cutting.

-15 kW motor

Technical Details

Round Cutting Capacity mm 570
Flat Cutting Capacity mm 600 X 570
Square Cutting Capacity mm 570
Main Drive Motor kW 7,5
Hydraulic Motor kW 2,2
Coolant Pump kW 0,2
Chip Conveyor Motoru kW 0,25
Servo Motor Of The Power Supply kW 2
Bow Lifting Motor kW 1,5
Cutting Speeds m/min. 20 - 100
Band Dimensions mm 7400X54X1,6
Working Height mm 805
Weight kg 5900
Length mm 3500
Width mm 2000
Height mm 2700