Bandsaw Machine

Bandsawing Machine

Product Description

This BMSO 540 CGS NC controlled horizontal bandsaw with linear guideways are ideal for mitre cuts whit different uantities. Whit movement of bow ,it’s possible to cut between 90° and +30°. In these machines, 30 different cutting programs can be writte whit 50 cutting steps. (length and quantity information can be entered). Length and angle information is read from the panel whit the help of digital ruler. Measurement is done by repeating the stroke accouring to 700 lengthe stroke. The course is repeated and the progress is repeated. In our machine, the cutting control is made hydraulically and after the cutting process, the machinebow automatically increases to the height of the material. The cutting capacity of our machine is 540mm x 670mm in 90° lamasections and Ø540mm in round material. With auto height adjustment sensors bow approaches the materil whit fast speed and hydraulic cutting control allows the bow goup over the material after the cut. All this process is controlled by mechanical switch. Fixinh the bow at any angle is controlled b hydraulical brake system and you can control it by another digital counter placed on main body of machine. As in all Bekamak prodcts in BMSO 540CGS, safety is most important priority and all mechanical and electrical devices are set for best safety mesaures.

Technical Details

Round Cutting Capacity mm 540
Flat Cutting Capacity mm 670 X 540
Square Cutting Capacity mm 540 X 540
+30° Round Cutting Capacity mm 540
+30° Flat Cutting Capacity mm 600 X 540
+30° Square Cutting Capacity mm 540
+45° Round Cutting Capacity mm 510
+45° Flat Cutting Capacity mm 450 X 540
+45° Square Cutting Capacity mm 450
+60° Round Cutting Capacity mm 270
+60° Flat Cutting Capacity mm 250 X 540
+60° Square Cutting Capacity mm 250
Main Drive Motor kW 4
Hydraulic Motor kW 2,2
Coolant Pump kW 0,12
Servo Engine kW 1,5
Cutting Speeds m/min. 20 - 100
Band Dimensions mm 6000X41X1,3
Working Height mm 805
Weight kg 4190
Length mm 3000
Width mm 2415
Height mm 2250